Ninja Parade works behind the scenes to help build and engage your community.

Whether you are looking to rebrand, launch a digital media strategy or build stronger connections with your customers, Ninja Parade can help. We know that implementation is key and work with you and your team to develop a collaborative strategy that works for you.

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Our team.

Ninja Parade was founded by Katherine Hague. Katherine specializes in community management, online strategy, business development, event planning and overall awesomeness.

Ninja Parade and its partners make up a team that is fast, creative and that thinks on its feet. Legend has it that our ninjas can walk on water, scale walls, and even have powers of invisibility!

You need ninjas.

Image of three ninjas: A business man ninja, a programmer ninja and a designer ninja. Image of three ninjas in attack stance!

Being a ninja doesn't just happen overnight. Ninjas are trained from childhood, knowing that they might be called to help their community some time in the future. Ninjas are not wizards or witches, of course, but ordinary men and women with a unique and often misunderstood philosophy.

“timely strategy versus brute force is plain good sense.”

A ninja's cunning tactics can be seen by some as mysterious and inexplicable. However from the ninja's point of view, timely strategy versus brute force is plain good sense. Ninjas are often outnumbered so they use unusual methods to succeed. Without a working knowledge of the ninja philosophy, a ninja's competitors will be unable to figure out their strategies. To them, ninjas only seem like wizards.

Ninja's are awesome! ^